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Litigation Forms & Instructions

The forms listed on this page are necessary to insure a smooth and effective eviction process. Like every legal proceeding, the judge will want each case to be accurately and fully documented before they grant judgment. The forms are also used as a way to insure that the process of eviction respects the rights of tenants and gives tenants appropriate notice as required by law.

You can download the forms, print them and fax them to office. We assemble a file on each case and must have each of the forms (unless otherwise noted) in our file so that we can present it to the judge.


1) SEVEN DAY NOTICE:  This is a standard form used by landlords in Kentucky where there is a written lease providing such notice and in jurisdictions which have adopted the Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act (URLTA) . You should make copies of the form and give it to tenants when they become delinquent in payment of rent. We suggest that you personally deliver the notice to the tenant and also mail it to the tenant. You can also tape the notice to the tenant’s door if you are unable to deliver it to them personally. Please note that a different notice  may be required for month to month, bi-weekly, other types of rental agreements or jurisdictions where URLTA has not been adopted.

Download Seven Day Notice (PDF)


2) AFFIDAVIT OF SEVEN DAY NOTICE: You can download and print this affidavit and attach a copy of the SEVEN DAY NOTICE you served upon your tenant. Please fax the affidavit and a copy of the seven day notice you gave to your tenant to our office.

Download Affidavit of Seven Day Notice (PDF)


3) AFFIDAVIT AND PAYMENT HISTORY: You can download and print this affidavit and attach a copy of the payment history of your tenant showing the amount of past due rent and late charges. The affidavit should be signed by you or whoever keeps your records of rent charges and collections. We will need this document in court to show the judge the source of the past due amount claimed in the Forcible Detainer (eviction). This is especially helpful when a tenant tells the judge that he has paid the rent but you have not given the tenant credit for the payment. Fax the affidavit and payment history to our office.

Download Affidavit and Payment History (PDF)


4) LIMITED POWER OF ATTORNEY: Some judges (very few) require that we present a power of attorney at the hearing when we are acting on your behalf and you are not in court. The power of attorney is very narrow and very limited. You can revoke it at any time and it gives us a strictly limited right to obtain your Forcible Detainers (evictions) and Judgments for the amounts due to you by the tenant. Please complete the Power of Attorney and fax it to our office. We need only one copy of the Power of Attorney. You do not need to send it for every eviction.

Download Limited Power of Attorney (PDF)


5) WRITTEN LEASE: If your lease with the tenant is in writing, fax us a copy of the lease. It is important that you give a seven day notice to everyone who is named in the lease as a tenant and we will insure that each person named in the lease is served with a copy of the Forcible Detainer (eviction). If your rental agreement is not a written lease then please summarize your oral lease agreement with the tenant in a written statement prepared and signed by you. Fax your written summary of the oral agreement to our office.


6) LETTER OF ENGAGEMENT: Before we begin work for you, we require a letter of engagement which outlines our fee structure and responsibilities. Engagement letters are recommended by the Kentucky Bar Association and are helpful in defining your rights and obligations as well as defining ours. Please download the letter of engagement, sign it and fax it to our office. We need only one copy and you will not be required to send it for each service we provide to you.

Download Letter of Engagement (PDF)


All of the foregoing sounds very time consuming but it is actually very quick and easy. Most of it requires only a fax of what you already have in your possession.


Fax All Forms to 859-226-0335

James Craig, Attorney-at-Law

James Craig, Attorney-at-Law, Eviction Law Office

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