Pre-Litigation Solutions


Most evictions are initiated because of non-payment of rent. The landlords goal is for payment of delinquent rent or regain possession of the property.

• The Costs of Eviction

Evictions are expensive and time consuming. Court costs can run into hundreds of dollars and can take weeks to give notices, serve tenants, obtain the eviction and remove the tenant. After eviction, the landlord assumes the cost of restoring the rental unit and re-leasing it.


• First Demand Letter from the Eviction Law Office

It can be cheaper to motivate the tenants to pay past-due rent and reaffirm their lease than to evict them and search for a replacement tenant. In this regard, a demand letter from The Eviction Law Office is taken more seriously than a letter from the landlord.

This letter makes it clear that the attorney will file for eviction, obtain a judgment and collect the judgment obtained through wage garnishments and all other lawful collection methods.

• Second Demand Letter from the Eviction Law Office

If a first demand letter doesn’t work, we will mail a second demand letter which also includes a fully prepared Forcible Detainer yet to be filed with the court. The second letter is served on the tenant by our firm and is referenced in our letter as an “eviction in process”.

The tenant is advised by our letter that the “eviction in process” can only be stopped by the landlord upon receipt of the past due rent or working out an acceptable payment plan with the landlord.

• Cost Savings from Alternative Methods

These efforts save the landlord time, the cost of litigation, court fees and the cost of re-leasing. Our fee is a flat fee and will depend upon the number and frequency of the letters generated for you.

• Additional Services

1. We represent property managers to review their standard lease to ensure compliance with all applicable laws.

2. Our staff includes experienced real estate accountants and lawyers.

3. A consulting service to improve the overall operation of your rental property.