All of our fees are quoted as flat fees after review of your documents.

In Fayette county, an uncontested eviction for non-payment of rent of a residential tenant costs $150.00 plus filing fees and other court costs. The surrounding counties cost $200.00.

“Uncontested” means the tenant has no affirmative defense to the Forcible Detainer (eviction).

If your tenant refuses to move out after the eviction is obtained, we will obtain a “writ of possession” for an additional fee of $100.00 plus court costs and the legal fees to execute the writ of possession.

Other services offered by our firm will be quoted as a flat fee after review of the documents. These other services include:

• Commercial non-payment proceedings

• Non-primary residence holdover proceedings

• Pets in violation of the lease

• Violation of Community rules and regulations

• Subleases

• Holdover tenants

• Termination of lease for other causes