Fayette County – $150.00 plus costs

Surrounding Counties – $200.00 plus costs


If your tenant doesn’t move after the eviction judgment, we will obtain a writ of possession for $100.00 plus costs.



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Areas of Practice

  • Evictions and Tenant Debt Collections for Landlords in Fayette and Surrounding Adjacent Counties —  Jessamine, Madison, Scott, Clark, Bourbon and Woodford

  • Tenant Representation in Selected Cases


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* Plus Court Costs and Miscellaneous Fees

Kentucky Law does not recognize Specialty of Practice in any special area of the law.

How We Can Help You.

• Saving you time

Filing an eviction requires time to prepare a complaint and two separate trips to the courthouse – first, to file the complaint and second, for the hearing. It takes your time to wait for a filing clerk and sit in a court room to wait for your case to be called. This is time consuming, inefficient and requires parking fees and gas.

Hiring us will save you multiple trips to the court house and helps to avoid costly legal mistakes. Since most judges allow lawyers to present their cases before the general docket is called, you will not waste time waiting for your case to be called if you are required to attend.

• Representation of Corporate/LLC residential rental properties

If a corporation or LLC owns the property, you will need a lawyer to represent you. In Bobbett vs Russellville Mobile Park, LLC, the Kentucky Court of Appeals said the filing of an action by a non-attorney was inappropriate. The Court noted that it is a criminal misdemeanor in Kentucky for a non-attorney to engage in the practice of law. The Court dismissed the eviction.

• Representation of Individually-owned residential rental properties

As the individual owner of the property, you could represent yourself legally. However, hiring an attorney allows you to avoid errors. If your case is dismissed, you would lose weeks and hundreds of dollars in filing fees. You could be managing your property as opposed to preparing documents, making trips to the courthouse and worrying about potential mistakes.

• Representation of commercial real estate owners

Commercial evictions are not affected by COVID issues and we can proceed quickly. In most cases, we can assert a landlord lien on the property of the commercial tenant to facilitate collection of delinquent rent. We will quote you a flat fee for commercial evictions after review of your case.


How We Work.


We use email and fax to print a “hard” copy of all correspondence for court.

1. You will need to send us all tenant information, the property address, tenant payment history and copies of all notices given to the tenant.

2. We prepare the eviction, file it and obtain the earliest possible court date.

3. We appear at the hearing, obtain the eviction and a judgment for the past due rent so you (or us) can pursue collection of the debt.

Engagement letter and billing

We obtain a simple engagement letter signed by you. When the eviction is obtained, we bill you for the flat fee plus court costs. You can pay your balance electronically through Pay Pal or by check.

Court Appearances

Normally, we can obtain evictions without meeting you in person. As a general rule, your presence in court will not be needed. When you are needed in court to provide testimony on contested evictions or because the judge requires it, your time will still be kept to a minimum as most judges allow attorneys to present their cases first.


Writ of Possession

If your tenant refuses to move after obtaining the eviction, we can continue our
representation to obtain a “writ of possession”. That way, the Sheriff will assist to remove the tenant and the tenant’s property from your premises. For this service, there will be additional court costs and fees for the writ and Sheriff’s fee.

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