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James Craig, Attorney-at-Law, Eviction Law Office



James Craig, Attornery-At-Law, Eviction Law OFfice

All Fees are Flat Fee, so you know what to expect — No Hidden Surprises

Tenant Representation

Each tenant case is different and unique so it is impossible to quote a flat fee without reviewing the facts surrounding the case. We will need to discuss the case directly with the tenant and will need a copy of all relevant documents.

There is no charge for an initial review.

After the review we will issue a “flat fee” quote to the tenant and describe the action we intend to take on behalf of the tenant.

In every tenant case we require the tenant to appear with us at the court proceeding in order to offer testimony and validate the documents.


James Craig, Attorney-at-Law

James Craig, Attorney-at-Law, Eviction Law Office

Experience & Integrity

James E. Craig (“Jim”) is the founder of the EVICTION LAW OFFICE and is its principal lawyer. Jim’s background, experience and education include the following:


Jim served in the United States Air Force for four years and is a Vietnam veteran. He earned several awards and medals for service to his country.