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James Craig, Attornery-At-Law, Eviction Law OFfice

All Fees are Flat Fee, so you know what to expect — No Hidden Surprises

Flat Fee Structure


All of our fees are quoted as flat fees after we review your documents and discuss your goals. In this manner there are no surprises for you or for us.

An uncontested eviction for non-payment of rent (residential tenant) is $89 plus filing fees and other court costs. “Uncontested” means the tenant has no affirmative defense to the Forcible Detainer (eviction).

In the unlikely event that your tenant refuse to move out after the eviction is obtained we will obtain a “writ of possession”. If a writ is required there will be an additional fee due to our firm of $59 and you will be required to pay additional court costs and constable or sheriff’s fees to execute the writ of possession.

Fees for other services offered by our firm will be quoted as a flat fee after review of documents. Other services may include:

  • Commercial non-payment proceedings
  • Non-primary residence holdover proceedings
  • Pets in Violation of the lease
  • Violation of community rules and regulations
  • Subleases
  • Holdover tenants
  • Termination of lease for other causes



Each tenant case is unique and different. Tenant representation will be quoted as a flat fee after a review of the facts involved in the case. There is no charge for the initial review.

James Craig, Attorney-at-Law

James Craig, Attorney-at-Law, Eviction Law Office

Experience & Integrity

James E. Craig (“Jim”) is the founder of the EVICTION LAW OFFICE and is its principal lawyer. Jim’s background, experience and education include the following:


Jim served in the United States Air Force for four years and is a Vietnam veteran. He earned several awards and medals for service to his country.